Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her


We get it. Life is hard sometimes, and you would rather save up money to pay for your recurring Netflix subscription instead of spending loads of cash on gifts for your significant one. After all, its the thought that counts….amiright? We have compiled a list of inexpensive gifts we have seen around the web to give to bae on the 14th of January

1. A memory box


This one is easy. Just find an old box laying around your house and feel it up with lovey dovey notes – How you met, things you like about the person etc.


2. Music Playlist 


Get on Spotify, iTunes Music or whatever, and curate a special playlist for him or her. Nothing says I love you more than a playlist that contains your loved one’s favorite songs. It tells them that you know more about them than they thought. The playlist might even come in handy later in the night when you are trying to drown all that noise out. [wink wink]


3.  Dollar Shave Club Subscription


No they are not paying us for this shoutout. However, this is a pretty inexpensive gift- Starting at a $1 (more like $5 after shipping and other stuff has been added), you can get your significant other a subscription to get razor blades monthly. Just remember to cancel the subscription if you end up breaking up with him or her.


4.  Mason Jar filled with Candy and some cheesy lines


All you need is a mason jar, some left over halloween candy, and a lil bit of creativity.


5. Subscription to MillHabits

This is totally free. Just tell babe to like  us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Besides, wouldn’t it be cute if you both read the same blog or shared the same posts on social media.






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